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    BioKEY: Identification for a Lifetime!

EXPRESS IDENTITY works to simplify the identification process by offering the latest in biotechnology known as BioKEY. We combine multiple processes including DNA profiling, fingerprints and more. The data is then encrypted before returning the bio identity profile to the individual or their designee such as a family member or employer. We collect and combine ALL the pieces of an individual’s bio identity puzzle.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and affordable biometrics identification record available, with our focus and commitment on providing excellent customer service.




Today science gives us access to multiple modalities to help expedite the identification of individuals to include DNA testing, fingerprints, dental records, tattoos and pathology, which is typically a known medical device inside the individual.

DNA - Buccal swab/Cheek cells

Enhancements - Body Markings,  Tattoos and Piercings
Physical Evidence - Fingerprints,  and Facial Recognition / Photographs
Pathology - Implants, Dental Records and  Devices
Identity Marks - Scars, Birthmarks & Unique  Dermatology


Would your identification profile be readily available in a matter of minutes should loss of life occur?
With BioKEY, our technology will quickly confirm your identity in the event of an industrial accident, hurricane, kidnapping or any other devastation by recording your own, unique biometric information that can be given to medical personnel as a comparison reference.
For example:  Families having to deal with life insurance claims after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks found themsleves dealing with delays in the settlement process pending the accurate identification of the deceased individuals.
BioKEY is your "Identification for a Lifetime" and is given to you for safe keeping, creating piece of mind for your family should the unexpected occur.

Call Us at (512) 255-7210
Or Email Us: info@dnatotalprofiling.com