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    BioKEY: Identification for a Lifetime!




EXPRESS IDENTITY combines science and technology, by preserving the physical and unique characteristics of an individual in a digital format known as BioKEYBioKEY is a personal identification record that can help to expedite and confirm the identification of an individual.

BioKEY is a fast and accurate identification record that combines multiple procedures including DNA profiling, fingerprints and other physical characteristics which make an individual unique.  The data captured is encrypted and stored on the BioKEY that is returned to the individual or their designee such as a family member or employer. BioKEY offers several benefits including physical identification in the event of a tragedy, identity confirmation when preventing commerce fraud and personal preservation.  BioKEY can be offered as a fringe benefit or included as part of an employee benefit package.  


BioKEY combines multiple physical characteristics preserved in a secure digital format, thereby helping to expedite the identification of an individual.   Express Identity offers individuals and companies the same technology used by the military for decades. 

DNA: Buccal Swab / Cheek Cells

This process includes swabbing the inside of the cheek to collect a sample of skin cells.  Express Identity will send the sample to our laboratory for analysis and the individual’s profile will be created. A DNA profile from an individual is more reliable than the process of recreating a DNA pattern of an individual through familial reconstruction or that of personal items. The DNA analysis can be used in the future to compare to reference DNA profiles collected from a victim or to other items, which may contain DNA, thought to belong to the individual.  DNA is the most powerful technology used to confirm identification. The DNA analysis performed only indicates identity markers.  The test does not reveal any information related to medical conditions, thus protecting the privacy of an individuals’ medical genetics.  DNA is often used as a last means to verify identity due to time and cost to perform such testing in a forensic environment. The DNA profile analysis will be performed and the results will be stored on the BioKEY and readily available to expedite the process of forensic comparison.

Dermatology: Body Markings, Tattoos, Birthmarks, Piercings and Scars

These biological features can be a key means in helping to expedite identification. BioKEY can include images of these unique physical characteristics.

Pathology - Implants, Dental Records, & Devices

Medical devices typically have serial numbers on the device that can be used to confirm identification. A copy of a radiograph showing such devices can be included in the BioKey. A copy of the serial number and the radiograph can be obtained from your medical file and stored on the BioKey.

Physical Evidence: Fingerprints & Facial Recognition

Fingerprints are a primary means of confirming an individual’s identity.  The ridge pattern of fingerprints is constant, but can change based on environmental factors, injury, excessive wear on the ridges and age. Fingerprints may be ineffective to confirm an individuals’ identity based on conditions of the prints at the time of capture from the individual. Express Identity encourages the preservation of all biological data for this reason.

Facial recognition is a key means of identification; however the shape of the face can change under certain conditions.  Key structure and markings of the face make this bio data valuable when confirming identity. 

Security Measures Enforced:

Multiple layers of security are enforced to protect the privacy of every client, and used on all systems containing client data. These measures include restricted access to systems, restricted delivery of bio identity profile stored in a secure single source medium, and data destruction following delivery confirmation using Department of Defense criteria.

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